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Q 1. Are You Ready to Help 'Someone' ?
  1. This "someone" is a "needy one", could be your domestic Servant, Security Guard, Car Washer, a struggling pavement/slum dweller, rag-picker, aged-beggar or street children or such others.
  2. The "someone" could also be an injured or disease infected street dog, cat or a horse pulling joy-rides or a cow or others.
Q 2. When you decide to Help that 'Someone'... how to begin with and get it going?
  1. First study what"s the need? Whether one needs medical help from a General Physician or Hospitalization? Or does one need monetary support for educational or for pursuing Sports activities, or is it a Senior Citizen who needs some income-source to sustain? Or some animal on the street who needs medical help?
  2. Click pictures of that "needy person" which you or your Group or NGO wish to support. Post it on BSMF WhatsApp (# : 96644 56303) or if this is not possible then send SMS message giving details of the person who needs Help, while introducing yourself (e sp. if it"s the first time).
  3. BSMF Staff shall study the requirement and speak to you (Donor-Partner) with suggestions, ideas, guidelines & contribution process to take the matter forward.
  4. Donor-Partner is required to fill up Form 1A (download from website: bsmarshallsfoundation.org).
  5. Needy-Person is required to fill up Form 2A (download from website: bsmarshallsfoundation.org).
    ( N.B. If the Needy Person is unable to fill up the Form, then the Caretaker should do it in FORM 2B)
Q 3. Who is a Donor-Partner..?

A. A Donor-Partner** could be a Samaritan, Philanthropist, NGO, Social Activist, Corporate body, an Association, an Individual Person or a Group of Persons, who have come together to financially support and help a Needy-Person*.

Q 4. Why is a Donor-Partner required ?

A. A Donor Partner is essentially required because BSMF provides support, as per its Charter, a Value Added percentage to Donor-Partner"s contribution to help the Needy-Person.

Q 5. Example for ease of understanding of donation process: A Case-study :-

A. The following case-study shall clarify the process of "Donor-Partner" & the contributions through BSMF

  1. Mr Suresh has his Car driver Majid whose son named Abdul is diagnosed with Cancer. The driver approaches a private hospital which estimates the cost of treatment @ Rs 2,70,000.
  2. The driver Majid, at most can collect through his relatives, friends and his family savings Rs 25000.
  3. Suresh wishes to help his driver and he along with 2 other friends have raised Rs 100,000. Suresh approaches BSMF.
  4. This Medical condition being listed in Category-"C" of the CHARTER, hence BSMF agrees to Partner with Suresh to help the patient @ 25% of Suresh"s donation.
  5. All case papers & diagnosis of Abdul are submitted to BSMF along with Form-2A by the Driver and Mr. Suresh also submits Form-1A, 2A or 2B along with his Donation amount of Rs 100,000 to BSMF.
  6. How much is the Value Added by BSMF in this case?
    1. BSMF Panel-Volunteers scrutinised the case and talked to a Senior Doctor at Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), Parel, Mumbai and gets the patient Abdul re-examined.
    2. A New estimate for providing medical treatment including surgery, chemotherapy and medicines is re-estimated by TMH at Rs 1,50,000.
    3. Thus, through BSMF support, a better and more reliable treatment in a reputed Hospital at lesser cost is provided to the Patient, saving a whopping amount of Rs 1,20,000.
  7. The Monetary Support!
    1. The Donor-Partner Mr Suresh and his friends have brought in Rs 100,000.
    2. Thus BSMF shall contribute 25% of amount donated by Donor Partner, which works out to Rs. 25000. Thus, BSMF issues a cheque of Rs 1,25,000 directly to TMH. Majid also deposits his contribution of Rs 25,000 in Abdul"s TMH-Account. Abdul is immediately admitted in TMH and his treatment begins.
    3. Mr Suresh & his 2 friends gets Donation Receipt +IT-80G Certificate for them to claim Rs 15000 benefit. There for the net cost to Suresh & friends is Rs 85,000 but the benefit which the Patient got is Rs 1,25,000.Thus the total Value Added by BSMF to Suresh's donation works out to appx. 50% more.
  8. BSMF support is in 3 Parts:
    1. Sharing of experience & Contacts for admitting patient in the TMH and also saving on the treatment Cost.
    2. By a monetary contribution of Rs 25,000.
    3. By 80G-IT benefit to Mr Suresh & his friends, enable them to save 15% of their Donation amt.
  9. The Partnership benefits whom?
    1. Isn"t this a fabulous Partnership that benefits Majid family, Suresh the "Donor-Partner" & BSMF?
  10. How BSMF is Benefited?
    1. Yes, BSMF is benefited because it"s serving a Humanitarian Cause, a "divine-purpose" for which the BSMF-Trust is instituted.
Q 6. How Partnering with BSMF is a warm & friendly experience?
  1. Yes, the purpose is to encourage you to undertake "Charity-work" for benefit of more and more "Needy Persons". Once you resolve one live-situation you shall get some happy experience to handle and proactively help many more such "needy" persons.
  2. Friendly Staff of BSMF shall be involved in sharing experience and guidance to approach the right Institution and refer to appropriate Persons to provide speedy relief as in Case-Study above.
Q 7. Do YOU wish to help a "Needy-Person" many times more than what you donate?
  1. Yes, you can help a "Needy-Person" either directly by joining hands with BSMF as a "Donor-Partner" which is 50% more (as seen in above example in para "g" titled "Monetary Support").
  2. But if you wish to Add Value to your Donation many times more, (say to the extent of 4 to 8 times more), then please offer your Donation directly to the "BSMF Corpus Fund".
  3. For more details on Donation & Offerings, please ask for BSMF Brochure title: "DONATE FOR A GOOD CAUSE" AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE" or visit our website www.bsmarshallsfoundation.org
Q 8. What if a Persons seeking Donation (Seeker) is unable to get a non-relative Donor or NGO?

BSMF has on it’s panel a few Donors who have pledged to Donate for a specific Cause. The request shall be circulated among the Panel of Donors with all details of Seeker and if anyone of them Volunteers to come forward to Donate, then it would be conveyed to the Seeker and the process begins.

Q 9. What if an NGO or a TRUST or Corporate Donor wishes to Donate directly to the Seeker’s Service Provider or Institution?

A. Yes, this is acceptable by BSMF as “Deemed Donor-Partner” as long as the Donor Partner has a Registered Trust and an exemption for Income Tax u/s 80G.

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