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We at BSMF transform and change lives.

As a Charitable Institution, we invest our time, money, and expertise into creating a happy Society.

Partnership with BSMF empowers a Samaritan to double up one’s Charity drive to do good for the Welfare of Community, in field of Education, Medical, Self-employment of Senior Citizens, Street-Animal’s Welfare and others.

BSM-Foundation deploys the donation received from the Donor for Charity by adding more Value to it as per BSMF Charter.

There is zero admin cost involved in the process, since the same is internally borne by Marshalls.

Come let’s together do some good and be a part of this life-changing mission!

The VISION Statement

To Encourage General Public to Undertake Charity, in Partnership with BSMF, for adding more value to their Charity, so as to Help Persons drawn from Economically Weaker Sections of Society for Causes like Education, Sports, Medical, Senior Citizens, Animal Welfare, Fund-Raising & others, "in Situations" listed in the BSMF-Charter.

BS Marshalls Foundation is committed to support social causes for benefits of the needy and the deprived persons. BSMF has served 100s of individuals and thousands of street animals by providing medical equipment for their treatment, shelters, food & medical aid through the NGOs.

BSMF is supporting Innovations promotion among the students, by financially funding the hosting of Exhibition & Awards Presentations. This is being done as a Collective Nation Building Responsibility.

Some of the activities being pursued by BSMF are as follows: -

  • During Covid-19 BSMF served the people standing in long queues under the hot sun, Free Water & Biscuits at the BKC Jumbo Vaccination Centre for almost 9 months from April to 31st Dec, 2021. This was a Rs 16 Lakhs Project.
  • Donated over 50 high end washable Q-Beds to various Covid Centres, Hospitals & Quarantine Centres
  • Regular donor for patients from TATA Memorial Hospital, Parel, Bombay Hospital, Marine lines to support all cancer patients and other ailments.

Supporting CIIA financially and hosting CiiA Event in partnership with Rotary Club of Bombay Worli.

  • More than 100 individual beneficiaries got the benefits for medical & education purposes.
  • Committed to street animal welfare, providing food shelter & providing medical aid by supporting NGOs financially. Some of these are:
  • TSPCA (Thane Society for Prevention of Crey to Animals), BSMF has provided medical equipment for treating the animals.
  • Thane CPCA (Community for Protection & Care for Animals), BSMF has provided medical equipment for treating the animals.
  • IDA (In Defence of Animals) Here, besides donations for providing food & medicines, we have donated Rs 5 Lakhs for a Recovery Room of animals post surgeries.
  • AARF ( Aman Animal & Rehabilitation Foundation); We donate every month Rs 10,000 to carry out their activities:
  • ARC: (Animal Rescue & Care). We donate Rs 10,000 pm to carry out their activities.
  • Individuals Ms Sadhna Rahate & Ms Youland, who do selfless service for animals’ welfare, food & medical treatment, are paid Rs 8500 pm.
  • BSMF helps individuals in education & sports for the needy students.
Some of the benefits provided by BSMF are as follows:-
  • BSMF offers funding for Education, Scholarships, Sports Scholarships, Medical Aid, Dialysis, Critical Operation, Self-Employment of Senior Citizens, Medical Treatment & Welfare of Street Animals and others, as listed in the BSMF-Charter.
  • BSMF-Charter also Supports for Infrastructure Development*# for an Institution like School, College, Medical Service Center, Animal Centers & others.
    *#such as Construction of Premises, Medical Equipment, Research Facilities, School Library, Aids et al.
  • FUNDRAISING by a Regd. NGO, is "funded" independently by BSMF for a Cause listed in its Charter.
  • BSMF shares its experience & expertise to provide better Support, References & Help for the beneficiary.
  • A project to serve water & biscuits who stood in long queues in hot summer for vaccination. This service was undertaken for 9 months by BSMF in Association with Rotary Club of Bombay Worli during the Covid period from April 2021 to 31st December 2021 at Jumbo Covid Centre BKC Mumbai. Click Here
  • BSMF is a Unique Innovative Value-Added Charity undertaken in collaboration & Partnership with Donors** to Help the Needy & Deserving Persons* drawn from Economically Weaker Sections of t he Society.
  • Any-Person** who wish to help some Needy-Person* for a Cause# is welcome to Partner with BSMF to add more Value to Charity.
#BSMF Charter & Guidelines for “Value-Added-Charity” are as under:
Sr.# % of Value Addition to Donor's Contribution Cause & Activities Funding Limits
A 15%
This is a Special Category to add Value to FUNDRAISING initiative for Education, Medical, Animal Welfare and Others mentioned in this Charter. Contribution by BSMF @ 15% or Rs 50,000, whichever is less.
B 20%
For Education & Sports Scholarships, General Medical aid for serious diseases like TB, Dengue, Swine Flu, Chikungunya, Dialysis and others, Self - employment of Senior Citizens. Contribution by BSMF @20% or Rs 20,000, whichever is less.
C 25%
Treatment of Cancer, Kidney transplant, liver Transplant etc, and other Heart Surgeries, Paralysis - Treatment, HIV/AIDS, Differently-abled persons and others. Contribution by BSMF @25% or Rs 25,000, whichever is less.
D 30%
For medical treatment and Welfare of Animals, Research on Human Science & Space. Contribution by BSMF @30% or Rs 30,000, whichever is less.
E 35%
Infrastructure development for Educational Institutions, Sports, Medical Facilities, Hospitals, Research, Instruments, Equipments, Gadgets et al. Contribution by BSMF @35% or Rs 3,50,000, whichever is less.
F 40%
Infrastructure development for Animal welfare & medical Instruments, Gadgets, Equipment, Accessories, Premises Extension, Operation and post-operative needs et al. Contribution by BSMF @40% or Rs 400,000, whichever is less.
  • i. Subject to approval/discretion of the Trustees to maintain, reduce or increase contribution by BSMF.
  • ii. The Beneficiaries* should be drawn from economically disadvantaged section of the Society and those not eligible for Govt-subsidies or Schemes launched by State & Central Government, from time to time.

Q: Yes, I wish to be a Donor Partner, how do I go about?
Q: I am seeking donation, how do I go about?

A: Plz click on tab: FAQs: see Q 7 & 8

Practising Philanthropy & Charity evolves a person to a higher State of being!
Come Partner with BSMF and get more Value for your Charity.